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Tony and the Haunted Goldmine
by Steve R. Romano

Tony and the Haunted Goldmine cover

It's Halloween. The storm of the century is about to hit town, and everyone is searching for three lost kids. Tony is deaf and is the only one who knows where they are, but can't get ahold of his mom to tell her. He and his loyal dog George head over to the abandoned goldmine to investigate. Is it true that the mine is haunted? Can Tony and George find the kids in the pitch-black maze of mineshafts before the storm hits, or will the duo get lost, too?

The Inspiration for the Book:  The author Steve and his wife Heidi visited an elementary school for a reading of their first book, The Adventures of Amerina: The Garden. Afterwards, one of the students requested that Steve write a scary adventure story. Tony and the Haunted Goldmine is the result.

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